Just shut up, Rob!

There’s this chick who gets my train every morning and she phones her boyfriend every day, seemingly to have their daily argument. Obviously I only hear one side of the conversation but it’s usually like this:

“no, no, no I’m not, no I’m not, yes you did, no, no, SHUT UP, ROB!! no, no no!”

The argument is always, always about decorating. Evidently they are embroiled in some kind of renovation project, if their relationship lasts until they get it finished I will be amazed quite frankly. Anyway, this morning, you’ll never guess. Apparently, she was supposed to sand the window sills. Had she sanded the window sills? no she had NOT sanded the window sills because, if you must know, she wasn’t asked to! No she wasn’t! shut up!

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One Response to Just shut up, Rob!

  1. antlockyer says:

    Proof positive that decorating is not only hard work but bad for the soul.

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