If you ask me she secretly hates his dad anyway

I’m starting to wonder if Rob, of girl on the train’s argumentative boyfriend fame, is a bit simple. If you are offended by the term simple, you can just put your tongue in your bottom lip and go nnhhh instead, it makes no difference to me. This morning there was a heated debate about what time Rob was going to get back from his dad’s tonight. Girl on the train must have asked him this at least six times, but each time she had to go through the rigmarole of explaining that no, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, and of course I likes your family! but I just want to know what time you’ll be back? So, what time? no, Rob! I’m not saying that! No I’m not! Shut up!

The best bit was when she shouted out “great! now I look like a twat on the train because everyone’s listening to me!! I LOOK LIKE A TWAT NOW BECAUSE OF YOU!!!” and I was thinking “when you say ‘now’…..”

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