Mars Jolter

I went to a gig the other night. Yes, you read that correctly. A GIG. The Mars Volta at Somerset House if you must know. If this doesn’t seem very blogworthy then you clearly don’t have a (nearly) 9 month old baby. You also are probably someone cooler than me, Mum Of Orpington, whose days are a thrilling rollercoaster of nursery rhymes and trips to Wilkos.

Anyway, that’s right, and actual gig, in the evening, on a school night. Me and my lovely fiance went along, excitedly clutching our tickets with “Doors Open 7.30” on them. We arrived at 7.30, clearly forgetting that the band aren’t going to appear as soon as the doors are open, then stood around for an hour and a half. Duh. Although actually it was a nice evening, there was a bar, it could have been worse.

Our fellow gig goers were a mixed old bunch. Some bright young things (actually, just young things) some people who looked like they were hoping to see Ocean Colour Scene, some ladies who may or may not have been the band’s mums, and a group of young men with a token geek, giving away the fact that they were probably engineering students rather than the art students they were dressed as and pretending to be.

Band came on, did their stuff, it was very loud and very exciting. I started to move and realised that I had absolutely no idea how to do this. 9 months of Baby TV in the suburbs is long enough for you to forget these things you know. Started with what I thought was a safe occasional leg bend. It didn’t seem to be in time to the music. I gave up and looked at what Ant was doing. He was bobbing his head. I started to bob my head but it was a bit too Arthur Fowler. I decided I was being too self conscious and attempted some more enthusiastic moves, but only managed to lurch from side to side a bit before coming to a shame faced halt. Went back to leg bending and decided that it didn’t really matter if it was in time, since the tunes where all a bit chaotic anyway, as I had been warned when overhearing a young American guy near us say to his friend “they don’t necessarily play songs, you know.”

I think I got away with it…but it doesn’t matter anyway as I don’t think the talent scouts for Legs & Co were in the crowd anyway. The band were awesome by the way, well worth watching live (I find it very boring when you see a band and they just stand there singing their songs. Yeah thanks for that, could have listened to the CD at home for free. Give me a show ffs!!) and when we left Somerset House we couldn’t hear anything, a true indication of a good time. Pardon?? I said A TRUE INDICATION OF A GOOD TIME.

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