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Oh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it. Almost two years, a revelation I greet with a mix of incredulity and shame, How?? Well, here’s a guess: I had a baby. Yep, a real life baby. Jeepers. Of course, “I had a baby”, whilst being like, the thing you say, is also a bit wrong because it’s past tense, whereas I very much still have a baby, and didn’t I know it an hour ago when her yet-to-appear teeth where doing their absolute worst, meaning that she refused to sleep and I couldn’t get a thing done. But getting things done isn’t as important as soothing a little person, so the washing pile remains as high as always, and the highchair is still caked in porridge, but hey ho, um, silver lining.

So since my last little spell of blogging, the whole world has changed. Or at least mine has. I handed my notice in at work so will never now know how Girl On The Train’s decorating turned out, or whether the long suffering Rob is now sitting happily alone on his newly laid laminate flooring, beneath which Girl On The Train has been hastily buried, after one mobile phone argument too many. Oooh, dark.

Who knows what I’ll find to write about since my life is an endless round of decaff lattes in Orpington High Street. But let’s see.

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