My attempts at not being a Div

You may have gathered that I am quite concerned about my resting brain cells. To try and combat this I’ve had Radio 4 on at all times. The problems seems to be that in order to learn stuff, you actually have to listen. Unfortunately, just having it on in the background and hoping that I’ll keep up do date with current affairs by some kind of osmosis process is not proving successful.

Mind you, I’m pretty hot on local news, and by news I do of course mean rumours, which is how I know that there is to be…..pause for dramatic effect……a Primark in the high street. My joy at this news is embarrassingly high, as Orpington High Street is not exactly a shopping mecca, given that it has not one but TWO mobility shops within spitting distance of each other. Why? Do people shop around for incontinence supplies?? “I didn’t see any Tena Lady I liked in that place, let’s try over the road.”

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One Response to My attempts at not being a Div

  1. opulence says:

    We have a mobility shop here in Shitterlooville as well. We also have ten charity shops, three nail bars (apparently they all belong to the same guy who was trying to ‘squash’ the competition), more coffee and food places than you can imagine and a kitchen shop. Just what we need round here, never mind something useful, lets put up a kitchen shop in the middle of a recession. Because that’s exactly when everyone gets their home improvements done. Titheads.
    PS – That actually turned into a bit of a rant. I only stopped by to say I listen to radio 4 as well. For the same reason.

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