Awesome bag, awesome seller!!!

…was the feedback a friend of mine received once when selling on Ebay. Bit extreme considering she only put it in the post and that was the limit of her relationship with the buyer. She must have really stuck those stamps on well. Anyway the reason I’m going on about this is because I’ve been flogging a few goods myself recently, what with needing a few extra pennies and all.

I’ve already sold everything I could think of that was worth anything and am now feeling a mad compulsion to carry on, therefore I can be found most days, wandering around the house with a slightly crazed look on my face, desperately searching for tat to flog to unwitting buyers…er, I mean quality items in need of a good home. Mind you with the rubbish I’ve bought myself over the years, I’ve notched up a few Ebay karma points so  that I don’t need to feel tooooo guilty about selling something I know for a fact are not that great. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get somebody to describe me as awesome.

Other news

Continuing my metamorphisis into Suburban Housewife, I bought my first ever pair of rubber gloves on Sunday. Rock on.

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