I’m off for some minor surgery on my index finger today. Or at least, I hope it will be minor. I’m having a weird growth removed, that appeared after I got a bit enthusiastic in trying to remove a suspected wart…with sandpaper. Ahem. This was wayyy back at the beginning of the year and it’s taken until now to get an appointment to simply cut off the resulting bump. Way to go, NHS!

It all seems very serious in the letter, telling me I’ll have to wear a theatre gown and remove my jewelery have someone collect me, which seems a bit extreme to me, but I am never one to turn down the opportunity to hang around in a sexy theatre gown with my arse hanging out, so bring it on. Hope I can still type after. Not with my arse, obv.

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2 Responses to Fingerbobs

  1. Harris says:

    When my sister had finger surgery she waited all day in hospital, until I came over after work with some percy pigs and a copy of grazia, and then she bent her finger and all this pus squirted out of her knuckle wound.

    She’d saved that for me. You’ve met her, do you know what I mean? Sigh.

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