I’ve done it now. The shape sorter thingy, that is, I’ve got the shapes out the middle. It appears I was not being stupid, merely feeble. So that’s OK, then.

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2 Responses to Oh!

  1. Janey P says:

    hi hayley, funny blog… re the dreaded shape sorter; reminds me of a frustrating afternoon with the ‘giant alphabet crocodile floor puzzle’. who knew it wouldn’t be in alphabetical order? Thurston had to do it in the end and he said it was more tricky than lego technics. better go. alex has piled everything from the floor – including his entire elc toy farm set – up on the couch whilst saying ‘good boy, good boy’ under his breath. i was powerless to intervene as i was feeding freddie. he now informs me that it is ‘hoover time’. it’s like living with anthea turner, if she repeatedly refused to take her wellies off

    • hayley says:

      Hello Lady P! Hope all is well in the land of the newborn. Hoover time!! that made me laugh, bless him. Ab is terrified of the hoover so no hoover time for me unless she is well out of the way. xxx

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