Toy rage

There are some things in life that i expect to be challenging. Flatpack furniture, obv. That internet geography game, I’d expect that to be a challenge (note to self: get better at geography before AB goes to school and needs help with her homework. Putting the flag for Belarus on the wrong side of the world does not a very knowledgeable mother make).

However, a snail shaped shape sorter (it’s easier to type than to say) from Sainsburys….I did not expect to be challenged by this item. When I happily added it to my basket earlier (charmed by the £2.50 price tag) along with tonight’s dinner, I imagined I would merely need to take it out of the box and present it to an enthusiastic baby who would quietly play with it all afternoon….although i don’t know who this fantasy baby is since it’s absurd to imagine that mine would ever quietly play with anything. On removing it from its box I am presented with 2 dilemmas:

1. It appears to be in two parts. Not sure how the parts fit together.

2. The shape thingys are all in a bag in the middle of the shape sorter. I can’t work out how to actually get them out, which doesn’t bode well for a toy whose basic premise is: you put things in and then you take them out again.

There are no instructions, suggesting that it is such a simple design that none are needed. Oh but they are, Sainsburys, they are!

Thankfully, AB is currently asleep so is blissfully unaware of the mild panic descending on the house while I fiddle and swear and ask the stupid plastic snail what the hell he thinks he is smirking at and if he’s so damn superior why doesn’t he just get the bastard shapes out of the middle, then.

Other news

I like spider’s webs, they are pretty. That does not mean I want to walk through one on my way to watering the tomatoes TWO DAYS IN A ROW. So, to the spider who insists on making a gigantic yet invisible web (overnight) between my tomatoes and the garage wall, please stop. And also – can you read? Impressive.

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