Writing this counts as being creative, right?

It’s possible that i have slightly missed the point of the Graze box I received in the post today, since I ate mine in one sitting rather than nibbling on it delicately throughout that day, as the name suggests I should be doing. I also imagine I am not supposed to simultaneously scoff a huge tupperware box of leftover pasta from Wednesday’s tea. But cut me some slack, I’m new, I’ll get the hang of it.

So, it’s Friday today, my day of being creative. So far I have:

1. Paid the balance on my forthcoming driving course, the date of which shall not be divulged for fear of jinxing anything and to avoid potential shame of having to admit a 3rd failure.

2. Been to Tesco.

3. Written and delivered Thank You cards for the nice lady who runs my local baby group, who we won’t see now since we are soon to graduate to TODDLERS. Toddlers!!! Let me tell you, AB doesn’t toddle. She doesn’t even crawl. Yet, as she will soon be over 1, she is deemed a toddler. Which is clearly an oversight since she is still my teeny little snuffly, squeaky baby. Isn’t she??

4. Cleaned the bathroom.

5. Put on 2 loads of washing.

6. Watered the plants, looked despairingly at the garden then immediately went inside again so as to avoid actually doing anything to make the garden less despair making.

7. Combed cheese spread out of AB’s hair.

So, not much going on the creative front, then. I have cut out some paper leaves, mind you. Go, me! leaves! I have so many paper leaves now they have warranted their own little tupperware box. Yes, that would be two mentions of tupperware in one post. Ooh, three now.

I guess I had better do something with said leaves, then. Just got to finish off these peanuty things first…..

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2 Responses to Writing this counts as being creative, right?

  1. Tasha says:

    The peanuty things… they didn’t happen to be the seaweed ones, did they? Only I got those in my first box too.

    I also ate all of mine in one sitting.

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