Retail rumourings

Much excitement in Orpington as the local mums try and second guess which shops are going to go into the 2 new units in the retail park. Everyone is hoping for a Matalan. Those of you who (inexplicably) log on regularly to read my whingings will remember that I have already had a touch of shop fever this year when I foolishly believed the Orpington Primark rumour. Needless to say it’s still a shut down Sainsburys, so I refuse to get excited about potential Matalan. Outwardly.

In any case, one of the units has been confirmed and its not particularly thrill making, since it appears it will be a Pets At Home. Yes, a giant pet shop. Shelves upon shelves of dog food and squeaky balls. Not much temptation to browse, then. And in any case, what does that even mean – Pets At Home?? Can you not buy anything that would be used outside? “Yes, hello, I’d like a lead for my dog”.”I’m sorry sir but this is Pets At Home, we don’t sell leads. You’d need our sister store, Pets In The Street. Can I interest you in a pair of doggy slippers?”

Now, I have a pet but I don’t feel the need for a pet shop since I can buy Mr Tom all the Felix he desires as part of my weekly shop, or in “Paws, Claws and Fins” on Orpington High Street. And what will happen to Paws Claws and Fins if a big pet superstore opens? Poor P, C &F. Have never shopped there of course but poor P, C & F all the same. I bet they sell leads.

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4 Responses to Retail rumourings

  1. Ant Lockyer says:

    Please got to P, C & F when you get a chance and buy that cat something. Thanks x

  2. RK says:

    We went past a Mothercare WORLD the other day. I had no idea such a thing could exist…

  3. annablagona says:

    Thankyou, Restall. I laughed out loud more than once at that one. x

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