When’s Frosty arriving?

At this rate there’s going to be, like, one post a month or something. Where does the time go? Well yes, a lot of it does go on America’s Next Top Model (and the newly discovered Canada’s Next Top Model – thanks for that, Living TV) and also a rather large proportion goes on actual parenting, but still.

I’m sitting here waiting for my new mobile phone to arrive. I have to go out at 11.10, which means that my phone will, of course, arrive at 11.11 and then there will be some wildly complex system to navigate to arrange redelivery, which for some inexplicable reason always seems to involve Dartford. I’m a bit excited about having a new phone as I’ve had my old one for 4 years, so it’s been a while. To celebrate my first new phone in 4 years I have gone a but wild, and – wait for it – ordered a gold one. A gold phone! Who do I think I am, fiddy bloody cent? But anyway, it’s new! and gold! and on its way! from Dartford! (probably).

A gold phone will do nicely at this time of the year though, since the Season Of Baileys Goodwill is almost upon us. Which leads me to my annual big decision – when to have that wonderful first play of the Phil Spector Christmas Album. Do I desperately hang on till December, ignoring its flirtatious winks from the record shelf? Or do I risk peaking too soon and stick the thing on this afternoon? Deep down I know the answer and so, I suspect, will my neighbours later today….ring ding a ling a ling…..


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2 Responses to When’s Frosty arriving?

  1. RK says:

    The question remains – did you get your phone? Reminds me of the three failed deliveries to get one of mine…
    Re: the Christmas album question – I think I know the answer to that one.

  2. hayley says:

    I did get it, yes!! it even arrived when i was actually IN and everything. Amazing. And also, I haven’t played my album yet…why? why? why for the love of god, why. They were playing it in Boots today, the teasers.

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