It’s December, time for some seasonal observations…

I'll just close my eyes and think of Walthamstow..

AB and I have been guiltily enjoying christmas music videos for some time now, which is how I came to be sitting here on a rainy Tuesday, watching East 17 attempt to man up in fur coats in the Stay Another Day video. You’ve seen the video, of course, we all have – but have you ever really watched it? I have. I sat and I wondered how on earth the stylist and director managed to persuade them to wear those coats and to try and emote through the whole sorry affair. You do feel for them, as they try to look well hard whilst wondering if the multi million pound fortune is really worth this furry hooded humiliation. Imagine their despair when it became hugely successful and the shame ended up being repeated year after year after year forever and ever amen.

Further East 17 video observation: Brian Harvey – really quite minging looking.

Other christmas news

There’s a new channel on sky that is only showing christmas movies for the whole of December. So far I have yet to see one that does not feature Kelsey Grammer. Frazier jolly good fellow!! (ahem).

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3 Responses to It’s December, time for some seasonal observations…

  1. rk says:

    I was just wondering what Christmas music to download and you reminded me of the best Chrissy song of the past 20 years! Sigh. I thank thee.

  2. Adele says:

    What is this channel you speak of??!! Details please Restall.

  3. hayley says:

    I think it’s 327 on Sky…something like that. It’s called Christmas24. Back to back christmas movies…although don’t expect too much as they are all TV movies and almost always feature somebody who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus or is a bit selfish and mean, then they experience the magic of christmas!!! and then they are changed forever!!

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