Seasonal observations 2

Well, who would have thought it? An Iceland Christmas party without the

Fancy some of my cheesy flan?

presence of a certain Ms Kerry Katona. Guess she couldn’t make the shindig this year. So, it’s left to Colleen Nolan and Jason Donovan to hold the fort while Ms Katona does whatever she’s doing (is she in prison? rehab? therapy? the jungle?).

Got to say, it’s not the same without her, lurching between budget platters of Chicken Tikka Kebabs and Mini Bolognese Cheesecakes, looking a bit scary and trying ever so hard to hit the right notes, not easy when you can’t breathe properly due to being squeezed into a satin dress 3 sizes too small.

Jase and Coll do an OK job I suppose, but it’s not much fun when they can actually sing and stuff. Am hoping Kerry will return for the New Years Eve version, but in the meantime let’s look on the bright side. All the more King Prawn Ring for the rest of us.

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