Eh? Of The Week

So, apparently the Slanket was one of the bestsellers of Christmas 2009. No surprise there and obviously I take full credit for that after as, after spreading the holy word of the sleeved blanket in my previous blog, I expect my vast readership have all gone out to buy them.

I read about the Slanket being a Christmas bestseller in Grazia, courtesy of Fiona McIntosh, who sneered that “if you have one, you shouldn’t be reading Grazia.” Really, love?? Really??? Do you seriously think that the Grazia readership is so high fashion that they don’t do comfy wear? Are we all perched uncomfortably in front of Harry Potter, wearing Herve Leger and a pair of McQueen armadillo shoes? Don’t be so chuffing ridiculous. Put your slippers on and get over yourself.

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