Slebs in slankets

As if 30 Rock wasn’t already my favourite thing on the ole telly box right now, along comes an episode which is basically proof that they are making this show especially for me. The fabulous (albeit uncomfortably familiar) Liz Lemon in a Slanket. Thanks, NBC.

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4 Responses to Slebs in slankets

  1. rk says:

    Yet again, today’s Times fashion pages slag off Slankets!
    How dare they.

  2. That Slanket episode had me in stitches! You know, you can get those things for DOGS?

    …. I am so tempted…

  3. David Pod says:

    She clearly has taste and comon sense, Slankets rock! 😉

    Have you seen the ‘PeaceKeeper’ Slanket design yet? Crazy….Peacekeeper Slanket

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