Please excuse the image quality, I can’t tidy it up because Photoshop has been having a sulk since I got a new computer. I guess it didn’t want to move home. This is one of 3 pieces I’ve done for the local art show in my aunt’s village. I have never entered a village art show before and have no idea what to expect at all, I can’t help but panic that the rest of it will it all be watercolour landscapes and pet portraits, leaving me sticking out like a sore thumb with my weird trees and expressionless children. Yikes.

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6 Responses to Pretties

  1. I love it.

    BEYOND love it.

    This is absolutely fantastic.

  2. annablagona says:

    Lush, Restall. I think this is one of my faves of your pieces so far. Beautiful. x

  3. Adele Barnett-Ward says:

    I have only just found my way here and I LOVE this! Especially because I like reading!
    And trees.

  4. hayley says:

    Thank you, folks. This was, in my humble opinion, the bestest of the 3 but the only one that didn’t sell! Not that I’m complaining, obv.

  5. mark says:

    We bought one of the other 2 pictures (girls playing hide and seek) which I loved. I only expected to spend a few minutes there but spent nearly an hour. I must admit that the vast majority of the art was of little interest and not of great quality but I loved your work – keep it up!

  6. hayley says:

    Oh, thank you, Mark! How kind of you to come on here and say!

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