new year pretties

owl be seeing you!!......*tumbleweed*

This year I am determined to learn to use photoshop properly, and not make my husband despair with my layer incompetence. I just tend to make it up as I go along, which means that I never remember what Ive done and if I find something ace I don’t know how to do it again. I am even considering going on a course, although its been a long time since I’ve had to sit in a room while somebody over the age of 2 tells me what to do, so we’ll see how we get in with that. It would be nice to be able to make prints of my work in differing colour combinations, and I do like the combination of my own scribbles and collage, and flat computer colour.

I have lots of plans bubbling in my little head (it is little, quite literally. I wear children’s hats as anything adult sized slips over my eyes after about two wears).  When AB starts pre-school after Easter, that’s when I am going to get going. Those magical two mornings a week are coming at me over the horizon, glittering with their promises of uninterrupted working time and listening to MY choice of radio programme. In reality of course I may just be slumped outside the pre-school, pining for my little girl and asking if it’s 12.30 yet.  In the meantime, here is an owl, for your viewing pleasure.

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2 Responses to new year pretties

  1. Ali says:

    I love him!!
    I’d have a whole wall of your fab artwork if a) I was rich and b) it wasnt already filled with photos and Charlottes artwork.. oh and my one Hayley! :o) x

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