Plage it again, Sam (does that work? it doesn’t really work…)

I wasn’t going to write about this. I was going to be the bigger person, rise above it, shake it off and move on. But it’s been such an eye opener that I do think it’s important to record it, my very first experience of internet copycat, um, ness.

So, I’m relatively new to letting it all hang out (creatively speaking) on tinternet. I’m only half set up properly for image viewing, I don’t have an online purchase facility, I only update my blog when I a) think about it or b) have something hilarious and witty to say (“But Hayley, that’s all the time!” – The World). I have plans for the future but at the moment my work priority is 3ft tall and obsessed with her bum. So, there are lots of things that I haven’t quite thought of, professionally speaking.

One of these things-I-haven’t-thought-of is copyright, or intellectual property rights, which came along to bite me very firmly on the backside a few days ago when a friend sent me a link to a business page on Facebook. And there it was, a direct copy of one of my drawings. And I do mean a direct copy, you could practically see the drool where the, ahem, “artist” had been concentrating on making it exactly the same (she didn’t succeed, but that’s not the point). Much as I would love to, I will not reproduce her image here. I can hardly write a post that is basically abut a cheeky bitch stealing my ideas and using my images without permission, and then go and reproduce her image without permission. Shame (but *whispers* you can see it on Facebook).

Anyway, let’s remember that I AM BEING THE BIGGER PERSON, so the point isn’t the fact that she was a nobhead and not very talented (whoops, did I type that out loud?), the point is that I realised how unprotected I am. I’m pasting images on the internet left right and centre without a thought for what people might do with them. I need to do something about that, probs. All advice gratefully received. Right that’s my serious post over. Shall we have some pretties? COPYRIGHT HAYLEY RESTALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ahem.


Other News

I’m going to be back at Mystic Brew soon. This lady and some of her friends will be there this time. Pop in and have a look why don’t you.

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2 Responses to Plage it again, Sam (does that work? it doesn’t really work…)

  1. rk says:

    Ohmygod people are shit. The only thing I can think of (knowing nothing much about the subject) is watermarking each image, but that doesn’t really stop anyone copying it as such. And it interferes with the pretty.
    Sigh. Why are people so shit? Why. WHY

  2. vividity says:

    It’s just awful when that happens, and leaves you (and by you, I actually mean ‘me’) fuming about the house for days! It’s a tricky one. I’ve had copy taken directly from my welcome pack and website by one of my own clients who has now opened up shop in competition with me. A ‘copyright’ watermark layer in photoshop (get hubby to show you how) and resizing images to about 600 x 1000 pixels will help slow down people doing anything much with the images you post on the web, but won’t help with people trying to copy your image by painting/drawing it themselves. Maybe you should practice saying, ‘You better get a lawyer, son. Better get a real good one’, which is a line I have just plagiarized from an Australian Band called The Cruel Sea.

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