Not the best way to sell a car…

Yesterday, while I made my fruitless internet searches for supplies, I half (for I was only half watching) enjoyed some daytime TV. I have absolutely no problem with daytime TV, by the way. I am perfectly happy to let my brain melt in outrage at the absent dads on Jeremy Kyle, or hastily scribble down ingredients for a Phil Vickery creation that I’m unlikely to ever actually make.

Anyway, among the intelligence-free delights I saw the Fiat 500 advert, featuring Jennifer Lopez. What a curious little story those crazy ad execs have come up with there. Here’s our Jen, driving, presumably round The Block, in her nifty little car. She’s singing, presumably because she’s so filled with joy about how brilliant her car is. Suddenly, one by one, random men spy this warbling cruiser and advance towards the car. By the time she’s done a few rounds of the block, she’s being pursued by a pack of baying men. Luckily, her fabulous car has an open roof! So said mob of men are able to climb on the car and drag her out of it. Despite the fact that she’s just been carjacked and is now at considerable risk of being gang raped, our Jen, ever the professional, carries on singing and even manages a little dance. Wow.

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One Response to Not the best way to sell a car…

  1. Paula Fazekas says:

    Lol love it, will look out for the advert now!

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