See me after school

These days, when I’m not scribbling, I can mainly be found lurking around primary schools looking disdainful. Endlessly traipsing around, admiring/being repulsed by tiny toilet blocks and asking questions of primary school teachers which seem benign but are phrased to find out if they are secret sadists. Yes, my baby is going to school.

I can’t imagine anyone in the entire world gets any joy from the dreaded school application process. Even if you don’t have any children, it’s torture because your friends that do never stop banging on about it and if Carl and Melissa mention Ofsted reports one more time you are going to feign amnesia and pretend you’ve never met them before.

The system, as far as I can tell, is this:

1. Find all schools close to you.

2. Discover that they all have catchment areas of approximately one inch so unless your house is actually situated in the assembly hall you have no chance of getting in.

3. Wail about it to anyone who will listen for a while.

4. Consider home schooling. Realise you are too stupid, unless the early years curriculum covers The Original Series Of Dallas and Why Christmas Is Brilliant.

5. Visit schools. Endlessly. Wonder why you are bothering. Attempt to devise a time travel method so you can travel back in time and buy aforementioned house in the assembly hall.

That’s where I’m up to so far. The next step is 5. Choose 6 schools to put on your form, all the time having a good old LOL at idea that you actually have any choice. 6. Obsess about it until April.

Other News

The pre-Christmas rush is in full swing! In the past two months I’ve completed about 12 commissions, have another 4 to go and then I’ll be putting the pens away in favour of baubles and mince pies. If you’ve missed out on a commission slot, don’t forget that you can still buy prints.

Other News 2

Speaking of prints, past customers can now buy prints of their artwork. Great for christmas presents for the rellies! Let me know if you are interested.







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