Coming soon: your stories

newspaper2Someone said to me over Christmas, referring to the batch of family snapshots she’d just sent me: “You must see some things!”. The answer is yes, I do. I see happy families, brides to be, newly weds, people approaching milestone birthdays, new babies, elderly couples. Everyone has a story to tell.

I’ve been thinking about these stories for some time now. Every time I upload a completed commission I long to add an accompanying paragraph of text about the people in the picture. The baby that’s waving because she’s just learned to wave, the little girls dancing with their sister who passed away a few years ago, the lady holding a pharmacy bag full of old bread for the ducks. Little things and big things. Things you don’t know unless it’s your picture. Private things, really, which is why it’s not my job to tell, just to depict.

But I do love to tell stories, which is why, this year, I decided to stop longing to write about people and simply ask permission. And luckily for me the first customer I asked has given me the go-ahead.

Which is why, very soon, I’ll have an occasional story-behind-the-picture for you. So watch this space! And, if you are a customer of mine, watch your inboxes as I may well be coming to you next!

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