Your stories: Martha, Gwen and the orange Skyline

Jemma skyline WEBAugust 13

Lee bought his beloved Nissan Skyline eight years ago, using his wedding savings to buy it, a move which was fully supported by his wife, Jemma. Lee then spent a further £3,000 getting it sprayed Lamborghini Sunset Orange. This time, though, he didn’t use the wedding money. He used money from the couple’s maternity savings fund. “My friends all thought I was mad, but it was something he really wanted, and, well, it’s what you do when you’re in love eh?” says Jemma.

Finally, Lee had the car of his dreams. Except that by now he was a married father of two, and the Skyline was very, very loud. So every time he proudly fired it up, instead of roaring off to admiring glances, he had the noise of his two daughters, crying because they’d been woken up by the sound of the engine. It wasn’t quite how he’d imagined it.


Eventually, the family agreed to sell the car. It was not a car suited to sticky fingers and Peppa Pig CDs, and Lee found that actually, instead of zooming around the country in his dream car, he would rather be doing jigsaws with his daughters.

“I was gutted when it went,” says Jemma, “because it was the end of the care-free, car loving husband and felt a bit middle-age-ish.” Luckily for them, a friendly artist was in hand to capture the car and the girls before it went, so he would always remember what he once had, and why he gave it up.

And it might not be the end of the Skyline dream for Lee, as Jemma says: “We have an agreement that if I ever come in to money, I won’t tell him, I’ll just buy him one and park it on the drive.”

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