Bionic and proud

Laid up, laid up…as if you haaaad a choice. Ahem. *tumbleweed*

Those of you that saw this post a while back will be aware that my mobility has been somewhat lacking recently. Since I posted that, it has become apparent that the hip issue was about more than my fall down the stairs, and that actually what I’d done is dislodge the metal hip replacement I’d had put in 11 years earlier. Ah.

bionic-womanSo, a(nother) new hip is on the horizon for me, and the happy arrival is scheduled for 28th May. So, to get to the point of this post (I know, I know! A rare sighting of an actual point!!), I’ll be out of action for a few weeks following the surgery. I’m going to err on the side of caution and block out a month, with a view to starting work again at the beginning of July. I expect it will be sooner but let’s see.

This means that if you were thinking of commissioning something and you need it before July you need to order it now. For the sake of absolute clarity, and excuse the forthright tone: an order is something that has been paid for. If we’ve discussed a picture but got no further, even if you’ve sent me pictures, but not actually paid yet, your picture is not ordered and is not on my schedule. To secure a place in the schedule, you need to cross my palm with silver.

If you would like to place an order to be completed before my transformation into the Six Milllion Dollar Bionic Super Wonder Woman will need to order and pay by Friday April 25th if you please.




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