A year round bit of Hayley

Luckily for me, I make things that make nice Christmas presents. So this year, I thought I’d spread the love a bit more and have a calendar made, something I’ve been thinking of for a while now. Just the teensy issue of trying to choose 12 images from a selection of almost 200, then….erm…..OK, I cheated and chose 13, choosing a different image for the cover. But anyway, I did it, and they have now arrived and can be purchased, details on my brand new spanking tab ‘2015 Calendar’ here.

So, what withnotecard 1 my usual pre-Christmas rush and the extra orders for calendars I’ve been pretty busy, you’d think I’d be happy to stop there, right? Except that I’ve also been experimenting with note cards because I kind of got the printing bug. Who knew you could have so many things printed? Basically, if it exists, you can brand it, it would appear. And frankly you’re all lucky I’m not trying to flog you Hayley-branded doormats and alice bands*.

Here’s a little example which, along with some friends, I’m making into a pack of 8 cards which can be yours for the bargain price of £7.50. If you’d like some, let me know!

*although if you would like an alice band who am I to argue.

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