Sew, a needle pulling thread….

Andrews family WEBSept 2012

Lets hear it for knitwear!

Could it be that spring just might be springing? I saw some crocuses (crociiiiiii??) this morning, the sun is shining and I did an entire school run without a hat and my ears did not freeze and crumble to the ground. This is a good sign, surely. Not that I don’t like winter. I love a good blanket hibernation session. I love knitwear. But I think what I like most of all is a season mid-change. Which is why my favourite times of year are those times when it’s not quite one thing or the other, but a little tease of things to come. In autumn, the first time you feel a slight nip,and in spring…well, the first time your ears don’t fall off.

So spring is on my mind, and new things in particular. I like this time of year for work things because it’s generally fairly quiet on the old commissions front and I use that time to create work for art shows instead. Now I love drawing your families, I really do, but it’s nice to pick up a pen and be completely free.

And not just a pen! If you’re tuned in to my Facebook page you’ll know that everyone’s favourite jolly fatso, Father Christmas, left a sewing machine under my tree. Frankly it’s amazing I’ve dared to go anywhere near a sewing machine after being mentally scarred in Home Economics lessons at school by The Sewing Machine That Hated Me, that would work perfectly for Mrs Whitehand but refused to budge an inch as soon as her back was turned – the evil, whirring little bastard (the sewing machine, not Mrs Whitehand. Although….). So really I should be applauded for putting my childhood trauma to one side and lifting my foot to the plastic pedal once more to do some fabric drawing experimentation.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought drawing on the sewing machine would be quite easy. I mean, you just stick your fabric underneath the needle and move it around, right? How hard can it be? Erm. Well.  Quite hard, as it turns out. For a start, all those dials and things on a sewing machine? Apparently they have a purpose and you have to have everything set to the right thingy. Who knew, right? Oh and you need to have the correct thickness of fabric, of thread, everything has to be threaded and wound and….well, suddenly I was looking longingly at the simplicity of a piece of paper and a pen and wondering why I hadn’t asked The Big FC to bring me a waffle maker instead (not to draw with, obvs. Although it probably would be easier than sewing).

So…needless to say my first attempt was….how to put this in an eloquent way?….. absolutely shit. Thread all over the place, bunched up fabric. The spirit of Mrs Whitehand hovered over my shoulder, exclaiming in OTT alarm at my incompetence and then bustling off, muttering about That Girl, What On Earth Can I Do With Her (disclaimer: Mrs Whitehand may well be alive and well and unable to transport spirit versions of herself to my shoulder).

sewing machine girl

I didnt even want matching legs anyway

After receiving lots of fab advice from the Wonderful People Of Facebook, and spending a lot of time and money in the John Lewsiseseseses haberdashery department, I’m getting there. Now all I need is a lot of practice. A LOT. But I did manage this, which is the first drawing I managed to make look like something (hint: it’s a girl. Pretend you knew that).


And another thing!

New notecards coming soon! Stay tuned.

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