New year, new project…


Terrible 80s nightmare

When i was 10, my teacher made us write a diary at school every single morning. We were supposed to be writing about world news, current events, and any other important 1982 issues. Unfortunately, when you are 10, “important issues” were mainly what we watched on television and who we had played with that day. So the diary tended to be copious information about the Fame storylines and then a token one liner from that day’s news.

A few years back, my sister found my diary in my mum’s attic and wrapped it up for me for my birthday. We had a good chuckle, I posted some entries on Facebook and that was that. Now we’ve moved house and I’ve dug the diary out of a box, it occurred to me that I’d quite like to do a bit more with it.

So, given that the beginning of the year tends to be a bit quieter than usual, commission-wise, I decided to set myself a little mini project and illustrate the most spectacularly 80s entries. Although, some of them are already illustrated, such as this amazing diagram of my uncle’s Vauxhall Opal, which I have described as being “Ace Mo”. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking wow, I can see how she became an artist based on that skillful rendition.


My uncle’s car was so amazing






Spoiler Alert: The picture I’ve used at the top of this post is a bit of a red herring. I actually made it through 1982/3 without ever mentioning The Hucklebuck. I drew this because I, inexplicably, started singing it in the shower yesterday and it hasn’t left my head since, and that 80s earworm is what gave me the idea to revisit my diaries. So, here we go, first illustration on its way!

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One Response to New year, new project…

  1. Charlotte says:

    Never stop, I look forward to seeing your illustrations and youth depicted in paper form…I love the disco one already ..👆🏻

    then we can start on mine… NAAAAAAAAT xxxx

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