David, Jennifer and Penny


david mckelvieweb

I first drew David, Jennifer and Penny a few years back in a lighthouse image, and was contacted again recently by David, who asked me to illustrate a poem as a gift for Jennifer.

jennifer mghee mar 14WEB

David explained: “I decided a long time ago to never take part in that Valentine’s Day nonsense. But to stop this making me seem a grump, I replaced it with the day before: St Modomnoc’s Day.” St Modomnoc was a beekeeper, and the poem is written by David himself. If you can’t read it on the picture, here it is. Isn’t it beautiful? You can follow David on Instagram for more (@deemikay in case my link doesn’t work). 

“.. and Modomnoc sang his wee honey song,
sang to his bees and they sang out for you:
“Little Love living and strolling along
with its one love and two love for you.”

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