All the fishes down below were reading Edgar Allan Poe

all the fishes down belowwebwm

Collage and watercolour on paper.

I moved to the coast, I may have mentioned that. As if I didn’t already love drawing pebbles, now I get to see them every day. And I was expecting my work to take a seaside turn as soon as I got here, that’s a given. But I wasn’t expecting to find sea lamps.

I imagine that the things protruding from the sea, looking like 1950s standard lamps, have a real life water safety purpose. They probably have a practical name that has nothing to do with interior ambience. But, to me, they are sea lamps. They are there to provide a nice warm glow to the daily goings on of aquatic life. Somewhere, deep down, a cod family are lighting a fire and watching – oh no she didn’t – Codonation Street while basking in the cosy glow of the sea lamps.

I do not wish to know the real reason they are there. I like my version.

Disclaimer: The real sea lamps do not have brocade shades and fringing. That’s that there artistic license for you.


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One Response to All the fishes down below were reading Edgar Allan Poe

  1. sometime soon, when I go seeking the magic I am after, I will return to look at your beautiful work

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