About me



I love to scribble. And I do mean scribble as I like my drawings to be messy and a bit weird. My favourite things to draw are quirky situations and slightly odd looking people, closely followed by children and trees. Inspiration can come from anywhere but I do think that the best things are right under your nose. The mum in the high street using a multipack of crisps for her baby’s pillow. The lady in the train station, hell bent on telling you how many times her husband goes to the toilet. Drunk people, show offs, and expressionless children. You just have to have your radar tuned to the right frequency.

I have a particular fondness for newsprint and coloured pens. No magazine is safe from the enthusiasm of my scissors and I am constantly adding to my towering pile of pretty patterns. It’s the best feeling when you’re hunched over a piece of paper, scribbling away, cutting, gluing, sticking, and finally you sit back and look at what you’ve done and there it is, blinking back at you, saying “Oh, hi. What now?”.

I studied Fine Art at the University of Sunderland and have been drawing ever since, squeezing a museum career in between. I live on the Kent coast with my husband, daughter, cat, chickens and a coffee habit.