Look After Me

If you’re an owner of an original piece of my art, thank you, and here are a few tips on how to look after it.

While I make every effort to use acid free and fade resistant materials, I cannot guarantee that your picture will last forever and ever. The nature of my work – using scraps of paper from here, there and everywhere – prevents me from offering this guarantee. So:

1. Always hang artwork behind glass to prevent Evil Dust from covering it with a layer of grime.

2. Hang it out of direct light. We love the sunshine but you’ll put your picture at risk of fading away to nothing. Or – worse – pastel colours! Nooooo!

3. Keep it dry, moisture will soften the paper and you don’t want a bendy picture. In other words, maybe don’t hang it in your brand new state of the art wet room.

4. Copyright is retained by the artist, so images may not be reproduced. Prints of your image can be purchased on request.

5. Enjoy it. It was made just for you. Aren’t you lucky?




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