May 1983


After tea I went to Sonia’s and Victoria was there. We played on our bikes but Sonia hasn’t got a bike so she just ran. (2016 note: Seems a bit mean! Surely someone could have given Sonia a pag*?)

*Pag, backie…let me know if you called it something else!

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April art challenge: Into the woods (via the recycling box)

into the woodswebThe theme of the latest art challenge was ‘Into the woods’. Given that most of my family portraits are set surrounded by trees, this theme is well within my comfort zone, so I really wanted to try something new. I did consider using a completely different medium, but spent so long umming and ahhing and changing my mind that suddenly the deadline arrived and I had done precisely nothing. So, instead, as used it as an exercise in loosening up, and it was well overdue.

When you spend all day trying to capture likenesses without adding detail, there’s not much room for spontaneity, and it can take hours to get it right. With this drawing I made the decision to complete the whole thing within 10 minutes. If I didn’t like something, I stuck a bit of cardboard over the top and started again. It is a mess. There’s no getting away from that. But it’s quite a nice mess – I am a fan of the cardboard. And I do feel like I’ve had a bit of a creative workout.



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Eloise and Tiggy

horseweb copy

Last year I drew Iain, Romy and their children for Iain’s 40th birthday gift. Recently, Iain got in touch again under sad circumstances. Unfortunately, their horse, Tiggy, had passed away and I was asked to draw him with their youngest “horse mad” daughter Eloise.

My pictures often contain pets but it’s rare for the animal to be the main focus of the picture so this was something quite different for me. After the standard 5 minutes of eeeek, I got on with the challenge and was quite pleased with the way it turned out. Hopefully it’s a fitting tribute to what was clearly a dearly loved member of the family.

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May 1983

basketmealMy Dad took us out to Appleby’s and then we went to a pub called the Plough Inn and we had a basket meal and some orangeade.

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April 1983

baby snatcher

There has been an attempt where a woman tried to steal somebody else’s baby while the mother was in a shop. Last night I had a dream about the baby snatcher. I only hope that she does not come anywhere near here because there is a lot of babies living near me.

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April 1983

cross with kerry

This week I am trying to work hard, but Mrs Manders blames me for things like talking when Kerry asks me a question.

2016 note: This is the last of my diary protests! Not sure if I gave up protesting or Mrs Manders set her sights on a different child, but in the next entry I’ve moved on to more serious matters…

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April 1983


Yesterday David asked me a question and I looked up to see what he was saying and I got moved off of Table 1 down to a table right next to Mrs Manders because Mrs Manders thought I was talking.

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