Wardrobe crisis

Big ole gap in posting since I’ve been up north for my brother’s wedding. I expect there were all sorts of hilarious things I could have relayed to you about those funny little northerners and their ways, but I didn’t notice any since I am one. Although I did, as always, spot a regular perplexed look on my other half’s face, as he struggled to comprehend what people were doing/saying/eating/wearing. I was in a bit of a daze anyway due to AB’s refusal to sleep anywhere but her buggy, meaning that we were up at hourly intervals, pushing the buggy up and down in the dark to get her back to sleep, since nobody, not even a little 10 month old person, can sleep all night strapped into a chair. So I spent the wedding half asleep, and to make matter worse, sober. Although I am not sure how the latter happened. It is inexplicable.

While I was away, it was my birthday. Have to say that it was the least birthdayish birthday ever, not from lack of trying by Ant and my mum, but I just didn’t feel it this year, not even in the local craft fair which we accidentally visited that afternoon (we stayed long enough to admire the knitted swiss rolls on sale). Mind you, I was pretty spoilt on the present front which is why I am in the rather lovely position of planning a shopping trip, as I have birthday money and vouchers burning a hole and I MUST SPEND THEM NOW OR I WILL EXPLODE.

Thing is, I have no idea what to buy. I do need some new threads, cos when I became a mum I lost my sartorial mojo big time, as illustrated by today’s stylish ensemble of ancient Nancy Sinatra t-shirt and brown trackie bottoms (although I was pretty damn delighted that the said Nancy tee fitted me again for the first time in over a year). But I just don’t know what to get. I am basically that article that’s always in Good Housekeeping/She/Other mumsy mag –  the one about busy mums who need a makeover as they are always in  tracksuit bottoms, but it must be practical for the school run. I am that mum, except we don’t have the school run yet (although obviously she is intelligent enough to go with her being a baby genius and all).

The problem is, the solution in all of those mags is some bootcut jeans and a floaty top, accessorised with a scarf in ‘jewel shades’. I don’t want to wear any of those things. If I’m honest, I want to wear my Nancy tee and some leather trousers. Leather trousers are not mum wear but they should be. Admittedly they take about 5 hours to get on and off, but they are wipe clean, always a bonus.

Whatever happens, shopping wise, there is one thing I am desperate to resist, that would mark me out as Suburban Mum from 100 paces. Must. Not. Shop. At. Boden.

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